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SRT- Spiritual Response Technique                               


 What is SRT?

Spiritual Response Technique, known as SRT, is a technique developed by Unity Minister Robert E. Detzler and has been helping people since 1988. It is a type of distant energy work, a practice where research is performed into the soul records (Akashic records ) to promote the release of old, negative patterns, allowing space for positive changes to unfold in our lives. The focus of the SRT session is on a current or persistent problem that you feel energetically challenges you. 


What can Spritual Response Technique help? Examples of why people seek SRT :

--feeling blocked from moving forward and making changes

--difficulty changing a recurring pattern I.e., feeling stuck in the same job or type of relationship

--feeling weighted down from a present and/or past life experience

--chronic patterns that continually resurface in life



How are the sessions performed? SRT is performed or via phone consultation or Zoom. 



 How was Christine trained in SRT? 

Christine completed over 50 hours through Advanced SRT training in 2019 with Shakti Wilson, who is a direct student of Minister Robert E. Detzler.  Christine's training was through the Spiritual Response Association ( Although she trained in other spiritual clearing practices, she found SRT to be the most complete. She's spent the last two years honing her SRT skills through practicing on friends and family and wants to offer this technique during these highly challenging times. 


What does a client need to bring to their SRT session? A clear intention of an issue or challenge you feel needs energetic work, and an open mind/heart.


Is SRT part of her acupuncture treatments?  No. SRT sessions are a separate business and service. 



   How can I book a session?

image                             Please visit her website:              





 Spiritual Resonse Technique is NOT medical diagnosis, medical advice, medical treatment, psychological or psychiatric therapy, counseling, theological advice or life coaching. Please seek the properly licensed individuals for those services.